Monday, April 23, 2012

Color run

A few friends and I participated in the SoCal Color run yesterday.  SO FUN!

Here we are before.  See how everything is nice and didn't last long!!

At each kilometer we were doused with this colored powdery stuff...a different color at each station.  As you can see from the pic below, we are covered in color!

Who would have known that getting this dirty could be so much fun?!
Look how the color all over her face makes Kylie's blue eyes pop!

Quite the mess but happy as can be!

They used actual leaf blowers to clean us off.  This guy was seriously having too much fun.

Here I am back home...ready to clean it all off.  Maddy asked me "why did your friends color your face?!"  I didn't have a good excuse.

There's another one coming up in November...I'm doing it again (and have lots of crazy costume ideas for this one!)

If you get a chance, do it!  Lots of fun!!

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