Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Elyse at 4 and a half!

Recently, I had to fill out paperwork for Elyse to attend preschool next year.  One question asked me to describe her personality.  It was not something I could sum up on the few lines provided, and even when contemplating this post, I am having a hard time putting into words a description of this wonderful human being.

So I'll start with what she does.

Elyse is a creator.  She loves drawing, gluing, art and crafting of any kind.  She will pick making a craft with me over just about any other activity. She loves making cards and pictures for her friends.

She has started swim lessons and LOVES being in the water.  For the first couple of lessons, the grin did not leave her face the entire time.  She's extremely proud of already reading level two.  She also takes dance class. In both, Elyse is compliant...she thinks it is important to do exactly as her teacher says.  This is great, but it also worries her from time to time, like when during a dance she is told to return to a certain position once the music stops...she worries that she won't make it in time and stresses.

Rules are important.  It seems they add order to her world.  In fact, she seems to be seeking out order.  Her mind is always churning.  When something doesn't make perfect sense to her, she thinks until she finds an explanation that works.

She doesn't like scary things, but rationalizes her way out of her fear.  Like when we saw a dragon on TV the other day, she left the room and then later talked about how dragons aren't real anymore.  Neither are witches or robots.

She has started to "read" words when we are out and about.  She asks what things say.  She can sound out a few simple words.  We also have a set of "pre-readers" with consistent patterns and picture cues that she can sit and read on her own.  She is super proud about that.

She has a great sense of humor.  She can initiate jokes on her own but often Elyse is found giggling away at something said by one of her friends (likely her sister), or something in a book or on TV.  She seems to really "get" humor and has a fantastic chuckle.  We all kid back and fourth in this house and she certainly can hold her own.

Elyse is thoughtful, both in consideration of others and as in a brain full of thoughts.  Her mind is always going, solving problems or planning her next birthday party.

Elyse loves playing with her sister and her friends but we have encountered a little push-back from "the director."  She likes things to be a certain way, deciding what character we each will play with and even what each person will say.  She sometimes has a freak out when someone doesn't want to go along with the plan.  I'm hoping this will improve when she heads off to preschool next year.

Spending so much time with the girls lately, I can genuinely say I enjoy the company of this girl.  She's fun to be with, and a great conversationalist.

Sisterly love!

Often with yummy food on her face!

Could I be more angelic?


Always working on something... 

This time it was letters to be delivered by this delivery girl! (Name tag says "delivery")

Lalaloopsies are a favorite!

I wanted to show this picture so others could see the brown spot in her right eye that I saw from the beginning...everyone see it here!

Next is 5...yikes! :)

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