Monday, May 28, 2012

The Dress

This dress came from dance class.  Elyse's dance class.  These things don't come cheap and after a money order was lost in the mail, this dress ended up costing us some change!

But Madelyn has made sure we got our money's worth.  No joke...she wears this thing every day!  All around the house, and to bed.  I only sometimes let her wear it out of the house but she would if she could.

When she puts it on she becomes a character.  Usually it's, "I Mary and you Gary." (The leads in the new Muppet Movie).  Occasionally she turns into Angelina Ballerina. 

This girl might be an actress someday. She's always a character, does great impressions and has great comedic timing.  For now, she at least entertains us!

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Victoria Munoz said...

She is sooooooo dear!! What a sweet girl.