Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July Bike Parade

On the fourth, the girls and I stayed close to home.  We were lucky that one of the cool moms in our hood organized a fun bike parade.  

First a few pics of me trying to get good shots of the are their "grumpy" faces.

There may have been some chocolate bribing with this one...

Trying some new poses...

And here's the bike parade!  Elyse especially LOVED being in a parade.  She said it's the best parade she's ever been in.  I think she expected rows of spectators along the side of the road!

Here's Sharon and here little guy Jeremiah all decked out (not sure he knew what to think of it!)

Maddy liked the parade too.  She waved her "wand" along with the sign she decorated.

Our best bud Raegan and her brother Wyatt joined us.

The girls on their way home.


Sharon said...

ha! thanks for getting a shot of us :)

Angela said...

love this whole post!