Friday, July 13, 2012

Nature Hunt

The girls recently got some magnifying glasses and so today when we had nothing to do, I decided to use this idea I found on Pinterest and go for a nature hunt.

The girls were into it (Elyse especially).  She brought along her camera to record her findings.  We found these mushrooms in the yard and had a conversation about eating only mushrooms from the grocery store (although I think it less than necessary...mushrooms are a food neither girl is too excited to try anyway!)

Here's Elyse studying something.  Once she discovered something, she wanted to "explore" it more than then take a picture.  She took it very seriously.

Her sister, not so much.  Madelyn was bored after a few minutes but quickly found some fun at the playground.

Here's Elyse looking at leaves.  I like that she determined these to be her "something beautiful!"

She made sure to check everything off the list.
 We used some of the suggestions from the website.  Then we had to add something "rolly."  Just the other morning, Elyse came into my room sobbing.  She was distressed because the dead rolly-poly from the back yard was gone and, "I miss him so, so much."  Poor kid.  So since then, we have been on the hunt for a new-dead-rolly-poly.

It was a fun way to spend part of our morning!

*Disclaimer: Our days aren't all nature hunts, bike parades and concerts in the park.  These are just the times I remember to take out the camera and the girls are engaged enough to be good subjects.  I just don't think our trips to the commissary are blog worthy. :)

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Dennis said...

Love, you are a 'rockstar' of a mother! I adore you!