Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Our big girl has finally started preschool.  It was time.  At 4 and 3/4 we've been thinking of doing it for a long time, but waited for several reasons, and it was finally time to just pull that bandaid off!

All ready to go
The plan was to start her in September but after a few incidences where I noted she could use some independence from me, we decided to put her in the summer program for the month of July, to get a jump on September and give her the chance to get comfortable.

I'm very happy with how everything is going.  She excitedly talked about starting and then showed some expected nerves when the morning came.  I love that she was able to express that she was a bit nervous and we talked about it.  We dropped her off the first morning, met her teacher Mrs. Bricks and she was on her way.  My rule-following girl was ready to jump right in and join the other kids in circle time.

I went to the car with Maddy and shed a few of the expected tears but was impressed by my composure.  I think I've been mentally preparing for this for awhile.

She's been doing great.  Everyday she gets in the car and I bombard her with questions.  Who did you play with?  Did you have a job today?  What did you do during free play?  How was snack?  Did you have to pee?

As the one who has been with her just about every waking hour of every day since her birth, I'm bothered by the fact that there are things going on in her day that I have no clue about.  I want to be involved, knowledgeable about everything.

Luckily, for now, she's willing to provide details to her day.  She has two "best friends" at school (I love how quickly four year olds can bond) and she seems to play with them just about everyday.  She comes home with drawings each day too, evidence of her choice to spend time in the art area during free play.  She likes her teacher, although she is a bit shy (from the two seconds I see) when the teacher adresses her.  She likes to be the line leader or the one to hand out cups. They have music once a week and play at the playground each day.  Wednesdays include water play.

 My spy picture...Elyse and a friend on the playground

She takes preschool and herself as a preschooler very seriously.

I see this as the first of many exciting steps for our girl.  And while there's a fraction of me that feels sad (all this means our baby is growing up) I'm excited to the growth and changes in our little Leesy Loo.  I love hearing about her day.  I love that she loves it.

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Angela said...

I just died laughing at the spy picture. What a wonderful experience for both of you!