Saturday, October 13, 2012

Madelyn at 3!

Madelyn is three!!!  What a wonderful kid she is!

She is really becoming her own little person and figuring out who she is.  

Madelyn's imagination is astounding!  She loves to pretend she is a character.  Her latest obsession is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  She has a costume too now, that she would wear every second of the day if we let her.  She loves to play with little figurines (Pet Shop and Little Pony are current favorites) and can be all on her own, acting out the interactions between her toys.  Maybe it's a second kid thing, but Madelyn is completely happy playing on her own.  Maybe it's nice for her to be in control a bit without her big sister around.  

In addition to playing with all her toys, Madelyn will sometimes interact with an imaginary friend. The other day, she was playing tag around the house with some imaginary person.

She loves stuffed animals too.  She never grabbed on to a specific one but equally loves all.  Anytime we see a stuffed thing in the store she asks to pet it and then gives it a hug and a kiss before we part. 

I think we might see Madelyn on stage in the future.  She can carry on an act for a long time.  She makes perfect facial expressions (sad, happy, surprised) when asked.  

She's still a lovey little girl.  She loves to hug and kiss and cuddle, although unfortunately the cuddles don't last as long as they used to.  She is really in tune with the emotions of others.  If a kid is crying in public, she notices immediately and usually provides a reason (such as "She wants her mama.")  She notices emotions in us too, and always asks what's wrong if we seem less than happy.  She's right there with a kiss if any of us get a bump.

She's a sweet friend.  She sticks up for herself in social situations.  She's still a mama's girl.  

Potty training is a work in progress but we're making serious progress.  

Madelyn is smart.  She can count to about 15 (but skips 13 and says 14 twice...Elyse used to just skip it all they know it's an unlucky number?!).  She knows some of her letters.  She can draw that first person kids draw (the circle with stick arms and legs coming cute!).  She goes to Mommy and Me and loves it.  

Lately, she likes to hold up a certain number of fingers and ask us "how many is this?" and now is starting to get it on her own.

She is crazy funny and says some silly things.  Often times, she knows she is funny and keeps a straight face.  She loves to say, "I have a secret" and then whisper "I love you" in our ears.  She loves her big sister and says she misses her when Elyse goes off to preschool.  

Madelyn is a true joy and we are so happy we get to share our lives with this beautiful soul!

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