Thursday, December 27, 2012

Family PIctures

To prepare for Christmas cards, we headed out to the beach for some family pictures.  Unfortunately, we picked a super gray and foggy day so we didn't quite get the "at the beach" feel we were going for, but I'm still happy with the results.  (Although the fog wasn't as abad as last year when my friend and awesome photographer Sharon took these amazing pictures!

I'm thankful for some editing software that lightened some of these up.  Thought the grandparents would want to see the ones that didn't make it on the Christmas card. 


Sharon said...

thats funny - you guys are fog magnets :)

Angie said...

I loved the Christmas card but I'm so glad you posted these. I hope you have the smoochy one displayed, it's perfect.

Angie said...

and please don't start calling me Angie just because my google account does.