Sunday, April 7, 2013

Phone pics

Finally posting some stuff on here.  We've been busy.  Dennis went to Virginia last week to find us a house for us.  He found what appears to be the perfect place for the Katolins and I'm looking forward to seeing it in person.  

We're of course anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby boy.  We have about three weeks until his due date and hopefully he'll make is arrival before then.   Until then I'm trying to take in all the things of life like long showers and nights of (semi) uninterrupted sleep before Same the Man arrives.

Here are a few pictures from my collection on the phone.

The girls with their friend Shiloh at the Mommy and Me Easter Party

At the commissary buying treats to share at said Easter party right before it started.

Maddy hunting for eggs

Elyse at the Palm Sunday celebration at her preschool.  She totally gets into her choir performances.

Maddy the helper at school showing us there are 7 days in a week

The girls and Dennis out on a little hike

On the hike

The girls waiting for breakfast in their new short hair-dos!

They got a "paint your own tea set" for Easter this year.  I have to say it may have been one of the best presents ever.  They really enjoyed painting it and then had a super long tea party together (after I let them use real water for their party).

Elyse's school had an art show.  Their class did art from Japan.  Here she is showing off her cherry blossom picture.

Elyse with her teacher Mrs. Hollister at the art show.
A picture taken by E of my big belly.

Dennis the barber.  He cut both girls' hair a few weeks ago.

Girls looking silly.

Here is Elyse chilling at the Podiatrist.  She has flat feet and has to get some special inserts made.