Friday, May 3, 2013

Thankful Friday

A few years back, I used to do "Thankful Friday" as a regular thing on the blog.  I think it's time to bring it back.  We've certainly had an event filled week and it certainly reminded me I am thankful for a lot!

1.  First and foremost, I'm thankful for our health.  Last Sunday, I woke up from an afternoon nap with horrible abdominal pain. I  knew things weren't quite right and ended up in the ER.  After a few tests, the doctors came back with news that my abdomen was filled with fluid!  They performed a procedure that removed about 2.5 Liters.  No wonder I was in pain!

After lots of tests and an overnight hospital stay (so fun...especially with a newborn baby...not!) there still is no explanation for the fluid.  Luckily it hasn't returned.  I've lost 10 pounds in the last week and my tummy is way smaller.  Part of me wishes for an explanation for all of this.  Normally it is caused by liver failure but my liver is working great.  As long as it doesn't return, even without an explanation, the doctors think I should be good.

It certainly was a bit of a scare and made me think things that are no fun to think.  But this experience, has reminded me how lucky I am and to truly take in an appreciate all my days.

Here's a picture of the fluid.  I hope it doesn't gross you out but Dennis and I were just in shock!

Hanging with Sammy Boy at the hospital.  

2.  At three weeks old, I'm still so thankful for our little guy.  He's been a good baby so far.  He eats about three times a night.  He's happy in his crib so I've been able to sleep in my bed which is great.  We're so chill with the third kid, it really does make it all more enjoyable.  

3.  Elyse lost her first tooth.  She was BEYOND EXCITED!!!  She let everyone know about her missing tooth.  She even told the guy who came to the house to change our water tank.

4.  My friends and neighbors.  When Dennis and I decided to head to the ER on Sunday, we had people we could call to watch the girls (unfortunately, my mom had left the day before).  Several people jumped right in to help, and were more than willing to do what was needed to take care of the girls, including keeping them overnight.  I'm very lucky to be surrounded by the best of people.

5.  The person who came up with "baby mugging."  It makes me laugh.

Dennis has been off for the week, taking his paternity leave and my mom was here before that.  So thankful to have them both around!  Next week, I'm on my own.  I'm sure there will be moments I want to pull out my hair but I will just have to remember to "woo-sa!"  And the good news is I only have to be on my own for two weeks before my mom is back to help us with the move.  

Have a great weekend!

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Rachael said...

I'm so glad you're OK! That's so weird that that happened to you. I wonder where all the fluid came from? Congrats on your beautiful son. I love all the pictures you post of your happy family.