Friday, May 17, 2013

Thankful Friday

1.  Week two with these three cuties all to myself was a success.  Honestly, the days have been pretty good.  We've continued with our routine and Sam has fit in pretty well.  I did share with Dennis one day that I missed having some "mental quiet" in the day (the chance to have my own thoughts without a little person asking me for something!).  Being the awesome man he is, he decided to take the girls out Tuesday night for dinner, Chuck-E-Cheese and ice cream.  Sam and I sat in a quiet house for three whole hours and it was great.  They had an awesome date too!!

2.  This little guy dressed up for our date with Elyse at the preschool mother's day tea.  She presented me with a fruit tart she made herself, along with a cook book with all their mom's favorite recipes. ( According to the cookbook, we make pizza and bake it at 10 degrees.  She was so excited and proud to give me my mother's day surprise....we had a blast!  The kids came up with their own puppet show too, which included a made-up song lead by Elyse.  Really fun!

3.  This little chubby cheek guy gave us a few little smiles this week!  Yay!!!  And. we've had two nights in a row of better sleep.  Prior to the past two nights, he's been waking up way more than I wanted...but I've been making an effort of keeping him up more during the day and I think it's worth it. Last night we got 5.5 hours straight sleep!

4.  I found this note in Elyse's room.  "I have a crush on nana and mama."

 5.  The girls and Dennis went along with their friends to the Father/Daughter dance last weekend.  Aren't they a good lookin' bunch?

6.  Madelyn has really taken off with her people drawing.  I am in love with these first little people she draws.  Here is a picture of our family (I did bribe her with a spoonful of honey to draw a family picture).  Sam is the sad one because he has a boo-boo.  Dennis is upside down...doing exercise.  

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