Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Meet Sam

Samuel Earl Katolin arrived two weeks ago, April 13 at 1:46 am, two weeks early according to the due date but right on time as far as we are concerned.

He came out weighing 7 lbs 10 ounces, 20 inches long, a head full of dark hair...absolutely perfect!!

Friday afternoon, the girls and I spent some time playing outside.  We came in for dinner.  I thought maybe I was feeling a little "dribble".  I certainly wasn't sure what was going on.  (With both girls my water broke and "gushed") but as it continued, I wondered if we should get things checked out. 

After a little deliberation, we decided to head to the hospital to see if my water had in fact broke.  That was around 5:30.  We took the girls over to their friend's house, with jammies hoping things might be moving forward, and went to the hospital.

As soon as I arrived, they put me in the robe, attached me to some machines.  The hospital smells immediately reminded me of what was to come and I began to feel some anxiety.  It was a busy night at the hospital, and after about an hour or so after we arrived, they checked and discovered that my water had in fact broke.  I was 5-6 cm (I had been only 2 at the dr. appointment that morning). 

I wasn't feeling much in the way of contractions, certainly nothing painful.  We decided to walk around the hospital a bit.  It was earrily quiet as we walked the halls.  During our walk, I did have a few contractions with a bit of power behind them.  

We went back to the room, rested a bit.   Eventually the contractions picked up a bit and I asked for the epidural.  

That went well enough.  I rested some more.  Watching the contractions move along on the monitor, they got stronger and more frequent, I was glad I had that epidural.

Eventually it was time for me to push.  By that point, I could feel my contractions on my right side so I knew when to push.  After about 15 (?) minutes, our little guy was out!

They placed him on my chest.  Dennis and I looked at each other with wonder at our little man and the whole process.  I double checked to make sure he was in fact a boy!

The nurses did a quick wipe off and check of Sam.  Then they weight him, cleaned up, cleaned me up and everyone left the room.  They left us alone with him, Sam laying on my chest for over an hour.  He was still goopy but perfectly perfect.  It took him awhile to latch on, but I was able to nurse.  

It felt completely foreign to hold a newborn again...when I went to move him, Dennis had to remind me "Support the head, support the head!"

Eventually the nurse came back in to give him a good bath and check Sam out more thoroughly.  

We moved to the recovery room and enjoyed our first night with our little guy!

Sam has been an easy baby so far.  He took a little while to learn how to latch, but since then has been nursing like a champ.  He eats a lot, as the doctor said is common with boys.  By his two week appointment he was already up to 8 lbs 6 ounces, way up from his 7 10 birth weight.

He is clearly a boy, both evidenced by his face (I'm not sure what it is, but people all say that he looks like a boy) and his toots.  The boy sounds like a grown man!

Sleeping has been pretty normal for a newborn.  Lucky for me, he falls back to sleep fairly easily after our nighttime dinner dates.  

We're so happy to be a family of five (that does sound nuts!) and have our little guy home.  Thanks to my mom and Dennis, I haven't had to be on my own with three kids yet...that test will come next week.

The girls have been great with him.  We did have a little regression with both the first week or so.  Madelyn threw a few fits when I was unable to help her.  Elyse started crying over things she normally wouldn't be upset over.  But all in all, they've been great sisters.  They love to hold Sam.  They both sing him songs if he starts to fuss (my favorite "Please don't cry").  

We are super blessed.

Enjoy some pictures of our newest addition.

My favorite attempt at a family shot


Nina said...

What a sweet boy! And sweet family all together :) Congrats on Sam. He seems like the perfect new little person to add to your ADORABLE crew! It takes a little while to look at pictures with 5 people in it and not have it seem strange -- ha!

Angela said...