Saturday, June 8, 2013

Elyse at 5.5

*Another post I wrote pre-Sam's birth...time to get it online.
We're seeing independence, some confidence and some real person coming out of our five and a half  old little doll.

A big change in our girl since the last update has been preschool, and everything that comes along with it.  This girl loves school, loves learning, and I think it has made an impact on her personality.  I think she feels more confident in her independence and that shows through in her daily outlook on life.  She's happy (most of the time), especially excited on days she gets to go to school.

She loves to learn and amazes us at what she can think through.  The other day, we bought her a K-1 Math book from Target.  By the end of the night, she had completed the entire thing, almost all correctly on her own.  There was even a section about money...she had to color in the nickels and pennys to equal a certain amount and she did it all right.  She can figure out on her clock how many minutes there are until the big hand reaches a certain number.  She can read more words than I expect.  Yesterday, while working on her "A" homework for school, she found and cut out a picture of a bird house because it had an "angle" at the top.

The girls have been sharing a room and it is clear that Elyse is the early bird.  She goes to sleep before M, and wakes up early.  In the mornings she gets dressed, makes her bed and cleans up and patiently waits until it is time to come downstairs (still thankful every single day for our Tot Clock that lets her know when she can leave her room).

Socially, she either likes to play with a few close friends, or hang out with the grown-ups during play dates.  Sometimes she'll happily play on her own.    She does go to choir once a week and sings the songs loud and proud, often getting attention from the choir teacher.

Elyse still loves art projects, and comes up with some creative designs.  Yesterday, she created a "pin the tail on the donkey" game, complete with Mary, Joseph and the Donkey from the manger scene.  She can make great block letters.

She gets along great with Madelyn (although she likes to be the boss in just about any play situation and is frustrated when not everyone wants to play along).  She has a great sense of humor and fully appreciates a good joke.  She will crack up at silliness, especially when instigated by Maddy or Dennis.

Elyse's teacher mentioned some speech articulation concerns, so we did have her evaluated for speech.  Turns out she can't say "k" or "g" sounds.  She officially has an IEP and will go to speech once she starts kindergarten, but it shouldn't be too big of a deal.

She still sleeps with Yellow Baby every night and looks for her if she is watching something scary or is in trouble.

The "freak outs" of the past where she would go into a temper tantrum over (what appear to me) to be the littlest thing have subsided (thank goodness!).  She loves to help with just about anything, especially in the kitchen or sweeping the floor.

She's a great kid.  One that I would choose to spend time with even if I wasn't her mom.  She's a great conversationalist, a kind and thoughtful friend and one smart cookie!  We love this girl!!!!

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