Saturday, June 8, 2013

Madelyn at 3.5

*I started this post two months ago before Sam was born.  Time to finish and publish!

Madelyn at three and a half can be described as a fun, smart, empathetic, imaginative little person.

While the will of a three year old will sometimes make its appearance, Madelyn is an easy-going kid most of the time.  She loves anything that has to do with imagination.  Most days she plays the role of several characters, the most popular being Bell, a kitten or a little girl (I think that one is the funniest...she'll say to me, "Pretend I'm a little girl and you're the mama"...I can do that one!).  Don't want to peg her yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if this girl decides to act.  She pulls off characters perfectly.  She can easily imitate the face of a character on TV or another person.  She has lines for all of us when we are playing together ("pretend you are the Beast and you say to me, 'Belle, you look so beautiful'").  She loves to dress up.  The other day, she came into my room doing what I thought was a fake laugh.  I asked her what was so funny and she said, "No, I'm crying because I'm so beautiful."

She is a considerate friend and has an emphatic heart.  Anytime she sees someone in person or in a book with a sad look, she wants to know what's wrong.  She's sweet to our younger little friends and likes being the one to help.

She shows genuine excitement over going to school, Sam coming out or Nana coming to visit.

Madelyn is growing more and more independent.  She's fully potty trained except for at night.  She can get herself dressed from head to toe.  She cleans up her room each morning.

She's smart.  Knows all her letters and their sounds.  Can count to at least 30.  Can carry her own in a family conversation and asks the right questions.

She is still my cuddle bug although our cuddle sessions aren't as frequent.

She's a funny little thing and knows it.  She purposely incorporates some potty humor into the conversation because she knows it will get a giggle out of us.  She'll even say, "I want you to laugh."

Madelyn makes fast friends, willing to talk and engage with other kids at the park.  And when we get home, she'll let us know that she misses her best friend (the girl she met an hour ago at the park).

Madelyn is so sweet with her baby brother.  If she hears him crying she'll let me know, "Mom, Sam is fussin'" or "Is Sammy boy OK?".  She loves to sit and rub his hair or try to get him to smile at her.

Maddy likes to make up songs.  Simple songs with lyrics like, "I love strawberries, they are so yummy, I love love love because I love."

She is truly a joy and makes our heart sing!