Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sam is 2 Months!

We call him, "The World's Easiest Baby."

Sam is the most chill, easy going little baby you will meet.  And so stinkin' cute!

On a typical day, Sam wakes up, eats and we snuggle a bit.  Then, he'll hang out in his little bouncy chair for a bit.  He's figured out how to get it and the little toys on the top to move and occasionally squeals and coos as he rocks in his chair.  Sometimes he just sits and checks out his toys.  Then he might fall asleep in it or fus a bit, letting me know he's ready for a nap.  The cycle continues throughout the day, typically he'll take three good naps.

He's really been smiling and its great to see his gummy grin take up his entire face.  He definitely is looking at us now, and his eyes light up when I go to get him out of his crib in the morning.

He "walks" when we hold him up on the floor, moving his feet in front of the other.  He also loves to "jump" pushing his feet off our laps when we are sitting together.

Sam is focusing on objects, especially art on the wall (future art critic?) and will stare at it for minutes.

At eight weeks he just decided to start sleeping eight hours straight at night.  Seriously.  Now I'm being realistic and don't expect it to last forever but I'm certainly enjoying it for now.

The girls are doing great with him.  Madelyn is more interested in Sam than Elyse for sure.  Elyse will kiss him and wants him to look at her, but is more into her own thing.  Maddy will tell me, "Sam's fussin'" and go sing him a song and love on him.  Oh, and she'll carry on complete conversations with him if I do the talking for Sam.  I'm learning that the best way to get Maddy talking about something is to have her brother "ask" her a question.  I think she likes being the big one.

Sam is growing a lot, although I'm not sure by how much.  I guess he weighs about 12 pounds?  We'll find out at the doctor soon.  His hair is beautiful (I'm a fan of giving him a mohawk) and his baby acne has cleared giving him amazing skin.  With his eyes wide open more of the time, he is undeniably cuter each and every day.

He's our little man and we love him so.

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Angela said...

Love the update, thank you!