Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sam at 4 Months (and some change)

Our  sweet boy is 4 months old already.  He laughs, coos and loves to grin!

Sam is just a happy little guy.  He smiles easily.  Anytime someone talks to him, he replies with a big open mouthed grin.  We've even started to get some giggles.  It's hard to tell what exactly will make him laugh, but sometimes we are happily surprised with a belly laugh.  A few neighbors make him laugh a lot.  Something about those ladies is hilarious to Sam (I don't think they would take it personally!)

Peek-a-boo is a favorite game to play, and he loves it when Dennis sings to him.  He also immediately responds when he hears the voice of a big sister.  They of course get such a thrill out of that!

Sam has started moving around.  He's rolled from his back to front a few times, and apparently from his front to back (I didn't see it happen, but he ended up on his back during tummy time).  Speaking of tummy time, he's become a big fan and can lift his head way up on his own.

I'm convinced some teeth are on their way.  We've had some drooly days, and a few pretty fussy ones.  He loves chewing on his giraffe Sophia and does his best to bring it and other toys into his mouth.

Remember when I mentioned he slept through the night at like 8 weeks? Well, I think this sweet boy missed his mama too much and decided he wanted to meet up a few times a night.  I'm blaming it on the teething and hope we can go back to sleeping through the night soon.  

He's balding on the sides.  The hair on the top has stayed in place.  It's made for an interesting hair pattern.  The jury is still out on his eye color.  We thought they were going to stay blue but it looks like they might be darkening a bit. 

Sam is just so sweet and we are so blessed to have this guy as part of our family!

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