Friday, September 6, 2013

Thankful Friday

Hello, routine!  I'm so happy you came!

This week has been a biggie for us.  

From the previous post, Dennis was promoted to Major, Elyse started kindergarten and Maddy started preschool. 

I feel like we've moved into a new stage of our life as a family.  It's fun.

First, when I look at a picture of all five of us, I freak out a bit.  That looks like a big, family, right?  And it's mine.  That makes me smile.

So to summarize the week....

Elyse did great in kindergarten.  I was so relieved the first day when I went to pick her up and saw her smiling face get into the car.  I feel good about her school and her teacher.  Finally on Friday she was able to name some of her friends.  There's one little girl that she says she plays with at the playground (I love to hear that!).  She's reported back some funny tidbits and stories.  Her card has stayed on green everyday so far (waiting for the day when she has to change it to another color...if that happens I think we might have an emotional breakdown).  She told me that it only seemed like she was in school for 2 hours so it must have been fun.  They are learning about bus safety and other rules this week.

Madelyn did great at preschool.  She only went Thursday this week.  I thought she might get a little upset when I had to leave but she walked in with a smile.  She was happy when I picked her up too, but she did let me know that I had left her there a long time.  She made a frog hat and wrote her name on the inside so well.  She told me she made new friends but couldn't remember their names.  I'm really happy with her teacher too.

Sam had a doctor's appointment this week.  Weights in at 16 lbs 3 ounces.  At 27 inches he's a tall boy...97th percentile.  4 shots, zero fun.  A bit of a fussy boy yesterday and today so hopefully he feels better tomorrow.  

Dennis's promotion ceremony went great.  Most of the other faculty showed up to support.  The girls liked the "pretty flowers" on his collar and said, "Wow, he changed you into a Major!"  The Col. let Dennis know he could be changed back into a captain too, but the ceremony wouldn't be as fun!

And I'm just thankful that everything went so well this week.  As cheesy as it sounds, I feel fulfilled.

Enjoy some random pictures from my phone.  And have a great weekend!   
Love this picture of the girls together!  So adorable in their matching outfits and they look like they are sharing a sisterly moment.

Madelyn got a new dress from Nana and Grandpa today.  She immediately put it on, went upstairs and reported she was playing "Project Runway." (She won by the way).  I'm not ashamed to admit I watch it while folding laundry sometimes and the girls like it too.

Elyse: Take my picture while I'm jumping so it looks like I can fly.

I loved giving some extra attention to Maddy this week.

Look at him lift his head.  What a big boy.

She's in the frog room at preschool.  They made frog hats.  She's eating a fly.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our Big Day

Today was a big day in the Katolin House!

First, Elyse started kindergarten (she says it was great!)  Madelyn got to visit her preschool (yes, school technically starts on Thursday, but I figured since we were doing first day pictures, we'd get them both done at once!).  And, Dennis was promoted to Major.

Everything went great.  Time for mama to head to bed.

The girls took off the Captain Bars

And I pinned on the Major Oak Leaves (one of the girls says...they gave him pretty flowers!)
Dennis takes the oath.