Friday, October 18, 2013

Elyse is 6!

"I'm sixy, sixy, sixy." Elyse shouted as she ran around the house a few weeks ago.  This girl was excited to be SIX!

The biggest change with this latest birthday is kindergarten!  Elyse is a school girl at heart and was so excited to start school.  She's doing fantastic!!  She gets into the car at the end of the day with a big smile on her face.  And I'm one of the lucky moms whose kid will actually tell me about her day.  She shares with me what they did during centers, funny things other kids said, and who she plays with at the playground (although at some point I usually get scolded for asking too many questions).
We'll have parent teacher conferences in a few weeks and I'm interested to hear what the teacher says, but I know that she is doing really well in school.  Elyse doesn't always feel like reading, but when she does, she can read SO MUCH of what I put in front of her.  She certainly prefers us to read, but sometimes I can convince her to read every other page and she reads with complete ease, only stumbling over a few words.  (I honestly am not sure how she figured it all out!).  

I also know that she's doing great with math.  She thinks beyond the basics.  At school, they get "scoops of popcorn" when the whole class does something well.  Elyse has a running count, and the teacher said no kid has ever done that before!

Elyse is passionate and excited about anything she does.  We started Girl Scouts last week and she loves that (so excited to get some badges).  Also, she can come up with some crazy cool ideas to create and put it together on her own.  Last week, she created a video camera out of a box and a plastic cup.  Her mind is constantly moving, and she used that video camera to "film our family".

This girl still loves to laugh.  She finds Madelyn and Dennis super funny.  She chuckles at Sam sometimes too.  She's still missing her two top teeth so the toothless grin is awesome.

I'm excited to hear that Elyse has made some friends at school.  A few of them came to her birthday party and that was fun to see.  
She started going to speech a few times a week to help her say her "k" and "g" sounds.  
Elyse and Madelyn get along pretty well.  There is certainly some healthy sibling rivalry but they play great and have fun together.  Madelyn actually really misses Elyse during the day.

She can officially ride her bike without training wheels.  She is a determined girl and once she decided she wanted to do it, there was no going back.

This girl still loves art.  And money. She loves art class and was so excited to hear they were creating art for a fundraiser, until I explained that they would not get to keep the money. :-(

This girl is always thinking.  Always coming up with new ideas.  So smart and sweet.  We're so thankful to have her in our life.

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