Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Six Months of Sammy!

Isn't he cute?!  Sam is such a sweet little guy.

Since the last time I wrote, we've had some milestones.  Two little teeth popped through the bottom gums. He's started rice cereal.  He's started saying "Dadadada" and blowing raspberries.  

He's still pretty chill.  He lets us know when he needs something, either that he's hungry or tired.  He usually takes two naps.  Nighttime sleeping still leaves something to be desired, usually up twice at night.  We've worked on it a bit though, and made some improvements from waking every two hours a month or so ago.

Sam is a friendly little guy.  He'll share smiles with just about anyone willing to give him attention.  He's pretty willing to let anyone hold him.  He still really likes his sisters and especially LOVES Dennis.  He gets so excited (legs kicking, arms flapping) when Pappy comes to town.

We bought him an exersaucer (see below) for a steal, just $10 and loves it.  One of those little things plays music, and he really likes that.  Today I would start the music and dance a little bit.  He ate it up but as soon as the music stopped, he cried until it came back on.
Love those chunky legs!
Sam is doing great with the rice cereal.  Probably should introduce something else soon.  He gobbles it up and loves sitting in the high chair with the rest of the fam.
His eyes are no longer blue.  Maybe turning brown?  The jury is still out on that one.

He is usually pretty happy in the carseat (for which I am grateful!) and loves riding around the stores in the Ergo carrier (and usually conks out).
It's exciting to think about what is on the horizon for this guy.  Pretty soon he's going to be moving and talking.  Wonder what he has to say??
SO thankful for this little guy.

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