Thursday, November 28, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving from Team Katolin.  We had a nice relaxing day together.  Here's the best shot I got from my attempt at getting some family shots.  The rest are blurry...I need to work on perfecting  the self timer!

This Thanksgiving was the first one in a long time we spent with just us.  We started the Thanksgiving celebration early in the week with Madelyn's preschool concert.  It was pretty darn cute.
I'm kind of in love with this little costume.  Her Native American name is "Purple Deer."

Here are my kiddos waiting patiently for dinner to be ready.  And yes, the girls did spend the entire day in their jammies.

On our first Thanksgiving where we had to make the turkey (the year we set the oven to 185 and had dessert first), Dennis surprised me by laying Elyse across the turkey platter.

 We quickly decided that babies on turkey platters are funny and decided to continue the tradition with Maddy (this is still one of my favorite pictures of her!)
 Both girls were much younger than Sam on Thanksgiving but we couldn't leave the boy out today. He was a good sport.

Elyse had to give it a go too.  So much bigger than the first time upon the turkey platter (and so beautiful!).

We hope you all had a happy turkey day too!

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Lately, a few nights a week, Dennis and I play Uno together.  It's a lot of fun.  I usually kick his butt. He might argue with you on that point.

I tried to capture a shot the other night using the self timer.  It's proof that our kids don't stand a chance in the nose department (The coloring was way off so I converted it to B&W).

Tonight was one of those nights where the girls kept coming down asking for something.  They should have been in bed sleeping, but we let them play a round of uno with us.  We each paired up with our twin.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Maddy and Sam get to spend a lot of time together lately when Elyse is at school.  Madelyn loves being the big sister to this little guy.  She reads to him, is the first to run to him when he is upset, and does whatever it takes to make him laugh.  

Friday, November 15, 2013


Elyse's school had a "fun run" today.  It's a fundraiser.  The kids get pledges, asking people to pay so much for each lap the took around a track.  I'm not the biggest fundraiser fan (I think I kind of turn off anytime someone asks me for money) but I will admit, this thing was pretty fun.  They used the experience to teach the kids some things about how to be a friend, along with some lessons on fitness and working hard.

Madelyn, Sam and I went out to watch today and I'll say it was a party!  They had a DJ going, an MC getting everyone fired up.  The kids had a blast.  Elyse ran over 35 laps around their designated track, which totaled over two miles.  Pretty impressive for a six year old.  They had music and encouragement the whole time.  They told the kids to do laps playing air guitar or as an airplane or skipping.  Our girl kept at it the whole time.  Her grit and determination shone through. 

Here's a few pictures I took.

So excited!

Look at all these kids...ready to go!

Water won't slow me down!
She's got the form of an olympian!

Here she is...showing me she completed all the laps!

All done.  Can't tell if those rosy cheeks are from the running or the cold. 

Little sister cheering her on!  Little brother eating a blanket.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Girls' Room

I realize we've been in our house since June and I've yet to post any pictures.  Mostly that's because I just haven't (good enough reason) but secondly, it's because I would like to only post magazine worth pictures.  You know try and fool you and pretend like our abode is neat and tidy at all times.

But today when I went to get Maddy after quiet time (when she is supposed to play and not sleep) I had my camera in hand, and there was beautiful light coming in the window.  So I decided to shoot as is.  To further bolster my decision, I ran across this photographer today.  I'm totally inspired.  I love her storytelling style and the authenticity of her pictures.  I'd love to have someone come in and capture our life just like it is.  
So here's their room...just like it is

The wall of stuff.  (So much in this room was made by my mom!).  We bought this dresser and had it painted for the girls's.  I'm thinking it needs to scooch to the right a bit.  

Although the quantity of paper in this room often drives me batty, I love when I run across a fun little note like this.  Elyse's mind just goes when she's in her room at night.  The other night, she made a worksheet for Maddy.  In a photo below, you'll see a "Vote for Elyse" campaign poster.

Here are their beds.  Madelyn has a pretty quilt too, she's just laying on it.  My mom made the name banners and the color wheel.  The headboards have been moved and reused from the little girl room they each took a turn in at our last house (Elyse's needs to be fixed).

Love being able to see the books on the bookshelf.  I think those two owls represent two happy sisters.

Sleeping beauty finally woke up...

It's a fun, colorful space.  May never be featured in a magazine but we've all had some happy times in this space and expect to have many more.

Friday, November 1, 2013


We had such a fun halloween this year.

We dropped Elyse off at school and started the day with a Halloween concert at Madelyn's school.  They called it a parade so I just expected them to march around outside but instead they had songs prepared.  It was hilarious.

The kids didn't pay much attention to the teachers' cues and just kind of sung the songs on their own.  Madelyn did awesome and had such a sweet expression on her face the whole time, singing all the words.  I won't be surprised if she someday takes the stage for real.  Her expressions are great and even her gesture to "c'mon girls, let's go find them" was so graceful and I'm sure mimicked the teacher perfectly.

We all had to laugh though when spiderman jumped forward to show us some moves at the end of each song and the little skunk below sang all the lyrics loud and proud. Very, very loud. It was fun.
Madelyn and a few classmates

Madelyn had planned to be "cat girl" for weeks and was so super excited about it.  Until the morning of Halloween.  She then decided she wanted to be Belle.  The same Belle costume from last Halloween that has been loved (and loved some more) all year long.  I decided she should be happy so we just sewed up the biggest hole on the front and happily made our way to school.  Perhaps she was dressed as Bell after the ball.  

Elyse decided to be a magician again (she was a magician two years ago...but she said she has some new tricks).  Sam was a monster. We so luckily received this monster costume as a hand-me-down from some good friends.  The girls both wore the pink monster version  so I was so excited for Sam to wear it.

I worked to get some pictures outside before dinner and I'm glad I did.  I was trying out the self timer and tripod and I think it worked pretty well.

 We all went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood for awhile.  I then brought Sam to bed while Dennis and the girls kept going.  We have a great neighborhood for it.  A lot of the streets had everyone on the street gather together to pass out candy.  We're in a good spot here...lots of nice people.

Happy Halloween!