Friday, November 15, 2013


Elyse's school had a "fun run" today.  It's a fundraiser.  The kids get pledges, asking people to pay so much for each lap the took around a track.  I'm not the biggest fundraiser fan (I think I kind of turn off anytime someone asks me for money) but I will admit, this thing was pretty fun.  They used the experience to teach the kids some things about how to be a friend, along with some lessons on fitness and working hard.

Madelyn, Sam and I went out to watch today and I'll say it was a party!  They had a DJ going, an MC getting everyone fired up.  The kids had a blast.  Elyse ran over 35 laps around their designated track, which totaled over two miles.  Pretty impressive for a six year old.  They had music and encouragement the whole time.  They told the kids to do laps playing air guitar or as an airplane or skipping.  Our girl kept at it the whole time.  Her grit and determination shone through. 

Here's a few pictures I took.

So excited!

Look at all these kids...ready to go!

Water won't slow me down!
She's got the form of an olympian!

Here she is...showing me she completed all the laps!

All done.  Can't tell if those rosy cheeks are from the running or the cold. 

Little sister cheering her on!  Little brother eating a blanket.

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