Friday, November 1, 2013


We had such a fun halloween this year.

We dropped Elyse off at school and started the day with a Halloween concert at Madelyn's school.  They called it a parade so I just expected them to march around outside but instead they had songs prepared.  It was hilarious.

The kids didn't pay much attention to the teachers' cues and just kind of sung the songs on their own.  Madelyn did awesome and had such a sweet expression on her face the whole time, singing all the words.  I won't be surprised if she someday takes the stage for real.  Her expressions are great and even her gesture to "c'mon girls, let's go find them" was so graceful and I'm sure mimicked the teacher perfectly.

We all had to laugh though when spiderman jumped forward to show us some moves at the end of each song and the little skunk below sang all the lyrics loud and proud. Very, very loud. It was fun.
Madelyn and a few classmates

Madelyn had planned to be "cat girl" for weeks and was so super excited about it.  Until the morning of Halloween.  She then decided she wanted to be Belle.  The same Belle costume from last Halloween that has been loved (and loved some more) all year long.  I decided she should be happy so we just sewed up the biggest hole on the front and happily made our way to school.  Perhaps she was dressed as Bell after the ball.  

Elyse decided to be a magician again (she was a magician two years ago...but she said she has some new tricks).  Sam was a monster. We so luckily received this monster costume as a hand-me-down from some good friends.  The girls both wore the pink monster version  so I was so excited for Sam to wear it.

I worked to get some pictures outside before dinner and I'm glad I did.  I was trying out the self timer and tripod and I think it worked pretty well.

 We all went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood for awhile.  I then brought Sam to bed while Dennis and the girls kept going.  We have a great neighborhood for it.  A lot of the streets had everyone on the street gather together to pass out candy.  We're in a good spot here...lots of nice people.

Happy Halloween!

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