Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Girls' Room

I realize we've been in our house since June and I've yet to post any pictures.  Mostly that's because I just haven't (good enough reason) but secondly, it's because I would like to only post magazine worth pictures.  You know try and fool you and pretend like our abode is neat and tidy at all times.

But today when I went to get Maddy after quiet time (when she is supposed to play and not sleep) I had my camera in hand, and there was beautiful light coming in the window.  So I decided to shoot as is.  To further bolster my decision, I ran across this photographer today.  I'm totally inspired.  I love her storytelling style and the authenticity of her pictures.  I'd love to have someone come in and capture our life just like it is.  
So here's their room...just like it is

The wall of stuff.  (So much in this room was made by my mom!).  We bought this dresser and had it painted for the girls's.  I'm thinking it needs to scooch to the right a bit.  

Although the quantity of paper in this room often drives me batty, I love when I run across a fun little note like this.  Elyse's mind just goes when she's in her room at night.  The other night, she made a worksheet for Maddy.  In a photo below, you'll see a "Vote for Elyse" campaign poster.

Here are their beds.  Madelyn has a pretty quilt too, she's just laying on it.  My mom made the name banners and the color wheel.  The headboards have been moved and reused from the little girl room they each took a turn in at our last house (Elyse's needs to be fixed).

Love being able to see the books on the bookshelf.  I think those two owls represent two happy sisters.

Sleeping beauty finally woke up...

It's a fun, colorful space.  May never be featured in a magazine but we've all had some happy times in this space and expect to have many more.

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