Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

We've had an awesome Christmas break.  We've had lots of quality time and a great visit from my parents.  Those pictures to come. But since I was playing around with these tonight, I thought I'd share.  

This afternoon, E and I decided to take a walk to the library.  No one else wanted to come and it was nice to have a little date with her.  I had some books on hold.  I have too many books to read right now.  I picked up a book called Stroke of Insight.  I'm also reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Alignment Matters, a book all about moving and holding our bodies the way God/nature intended (2013 was our year to change our eating, this year might be the year to change how we move).

So rambling aside, here are some pictures of our trip to the library.

She stole my gloves out of my pocket.

Trying to get in the picture a bit more.

After the library, we all headed to Moe's for dinner.  I put Sam to bed and we had our yearly tradition of drinking a little sparkly (juice for the girls, champagne for the grown-ups).

The girls were a bit nervous while Dennis popped the cork (that puppy flew across the room!)

We played a few rounds of Hedbands (our new favorite game) and sent the girls off to bed.

Again trying to get in the picture, this is Maddy's attempt at capturing Dennis and I (that big camera is heavy for a 4 year old).

And here's Elyse's attempt.

And because every blog post can use a picture of a cute baby, here's Sammy boy.

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2013!

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