Monday, December 16, 2013

Sam at 8 Months

 This little dude has been up to a lot these past few months.  It's like he decided, "Time to participate in this world of mine!"

First of all, he's moving!  He can roll all over the place.  We can leave him on the floor in one spot and in no time at all, he'll find a way to get across the room to get whatever he wants.  He will be crawling in no time.  He's up on his hands and knees rockin'...he just has to figure out to get the hands and knees moving together.  (He's tried the hands a few times and unfortunately made a face plant!)

He's sitting.  We're still a bit wobbly from time to time but I'm at the point where I can sit him up and leave him.  Sam loves being able to sit up, especially when we place some toys in front of him.  

He's a talker too.  I'm not sure that he's speaking with much purpose yet, but I'll certainly claim he's talking to me when he babbles, "ma ma ma ma ma." (Sam has certainly heard the girls shout "mama" at me enough so he might just know it's meaning).  He'll also respond to my "Hi"s with a "hhh".  This boys' a screamer too.  He loves the sound of his own scream and will belt it out, usually in a crowded restaurant.  Dennis responds by telling me to keep my kid under control.  
 He's such a happy guy.  Sam is so willing to give smiles, especially to old ladies (that just makes their day!).  He randomly giggles, sometimes when we're just wandering around the house together (and by the way, he's the perfect little size to carry along on my hip).  Other times he cracks up laughing, like today when we said the word "carrot" to him!

 As you can see below, everything has been going straight to the mouth.  Not a fan of this habit.

He's eating two solid meals a day.  Mostly veggies and cereal.  I need to work on expanding his diet.  He gobbles up just about everything I give him.  The only thing we've struggled with is a baby food jar of chicken I gave him the other day.  He just didn't chow down on it like usual so I thought it might be a little bland.  I added just a touch of salt, then he really made the "icky" face when I tried to feed it to him so that was the end of the chicken.

Sleep....we're making progress.  He's great with his naps, almost always two consistent ones per day.  Night time is a work in progress.  We are doing a little sleep training at this point.  Last night he went to bed at seven, woke up and fussed a few minutes at 2 and then I nursed him at 4.  It's progress from the 10, 1 and 3 feedings of just a few weeks ago.

Lots of teeth are coming in.  He has two on the bottom, three on the top with a fourth about to make an appearance.

He's just a fun little baby.  Loves his sisters.  Loves his pappy.  And I think he kinda likes me too.  We more than kind of like Sam and we're so thankful he's ours!

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