Tuesday, January 28, 2014


The Girl Scouts had their derby car races last weekend and our little Daisy was so excited to participate.

She decorated her little car with flames and named it "Derby."  Elyse gets SO EXCITED which makes it fun for all of us.

Here she is with a few girls from the troop.

 I think that's Derby in front there.  Each car got to race several times.  They had some complicated and crazy computer program keeping track of it all.

Elyse made us all "Go Derby Go" signs to hold up during the race.  Dennis was a peppy cheerleader.

"My dad is nuts."

Before the races started, the rules were explained and the emphasis to "have fun" over "win" was instilled.  Our little girl responded, "I had a card the other day and it asked, 'would you rather always lose or never play?' and I said always lose because we're just here to have fun."

That sentiment was forgotten when Derby did not in fact win.  A few tears were shed.  But, all in all, our girl had a great time.

 It was a fun way to spend a Saturday morning.

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Angela said...

She looks way too big! E races this Saturday. Her car is hot pink, no name.