Friday, January 31, 2014

Just Pictures

Deacon and his mom and dad came to visit us.  He is such a cute little guy.

One of many snow days.  We've missed 8 days of school since Christmas for snow/ice/cold.  This is getting ridiculous.

We made chocolate chunk cookies for the first time in a year on one of the snow days.  The girls approved.

Pete the Cat came home with Elyse for the week.  He liked the hot chocolate too.

This guy is crawling all over the place.

Lunch at Noodles and Co. with some friends.

Little Oscar and Sam are only days apart.

Squirts of grapefruit juice are hilarious.

Grapefruits make great umbrellas.

Pink bib...I'm comfortable in my boyhood!

We're protected by this knight!

Puffs=baby crack.

I'd salute this Marine.

The boy got into the spices.  Our kitchen smells like cloves.

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