Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Herding Cats

I've decided that once a month, on or around the 15th, I want to get a picture of all three kids sitting in a chair together.  When I formulated this plan, I decided to keep it stress free, not worry about outfits, hair fixing or perfect light.  Little did I know how difficult it would be.  Below, find the pictures from today's attempt.  And please note that these are not outtakes but the cream of the crop.  

Sam at 10 Months

 This little guy is 10 months old already.  In the past two months he's been through some big changes.

He's a crawler.  He had been doing the rocking thing for awhile but just couldn't seem to get those hands going.  We went to a children's museum and I noticed him really watch another little boy crawl around.  The next day, his hands were moving.  He just needed to see someone else go to figure it out.

He is now a quick crawler.

He can say, "Hi" and wave.  Does it quite often actually, sometimes to strangers which is well received.  He repeats a lot of words back to us.  He can say "uh-oh".  He says "mama" and I'm convinced he means me. :-)  This boy still loves the sound of his own scream and gets all kinds of attention when we are out in public.  One day at the library, a librarian came into the bathroom to check on us after hearing Sam's screams.

He's a big eater.  He will eat anything and everything we offer.  It shows because he is 23 pounds, something like 97th percentile for his weight.  A big guy.  He still nurses quite a bit too.

Sam is still happy, friendly, pretty easygoing.  Now he hates getting his diaper changed because he just wants to go.  He loves to bang just about anything.  Loves paper and will try and eat it if we aren't careful.  Just yesterday he started responding to "How big is Sam?" with his arms up for "SOOO BIG!" (And does it with a very serious face).

He loves books.  Current favorites are "Brown Bear" and "What Does Baby Say?"

Loves his sisters and his sisters love him.

We still aren't sleeping through the night.  We were getting pretty close last week.  He went all night without a feeding.  But then, he got an ear infection and was pretty miserable so I couldn't let him cry.  Hopefully now that he's feeling better we can work on getting some sleep!  He does take two pretty good naps so I'm thankful for that.

Sam is just a cool, happy dude (who probably needs his bangs cut soon!).  Can't believe the next update will be at a year!

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Today the high was in the 60s.  Tomorrow it is supposed to snow.

We decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and go on a little hike at Prince William Forrest.

LAST week's snow made it rather muddy, and the trees could use some leaves, but it really is beautiful (and I can't wait to see it in the spring!)/