Monday, April 28, 2014

Seven on Sunday

The weather has been so amazing this week so we've been making an effort to get OUTSIDE!  Last week was spring break and we filled it up fast with playdates and just fun things at home.  I am honestly sad to see the girls go back to school this week but summer is just around the corner.  

1.  Outside the library.  Not sure what's up with E's face.  2.  Madelyn creating art in the driveway with a game of catch in the background. 3. An attempted pic of me with my babes.  Why won't they cooperate?! 4. Sweet Sam chowing down on some spaghetti.  5.  Madelyn blowing on a "wishing flower."  6. Elyse tasting her latest creation.  These girls get into their heads that they need to make their own "ice cream."  Madelyn made one with berries, carrots, and water in the blender.  Elyse's concoction is bananas, raisins, almond milk and maple syrup.  I wanted this picture to capture the mess that occurs when these girls cook. 7.  Sam trying to "walk" round the room with the laundry basket.  I could just eat those little legs.

Have a great week!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Look Alikes?

It's unanimously agreed that Elyse looks just like me and Madelyn just like Dennis.  

The jury is still out on Mr. Sam.  What do you think?

Here he is with both sisters and I can see a resemblance to each.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Seven On….Tuesday

I missed the Seven on Sunday.  That's OK.  Here's some pictures from this week.

1. Madelyn loving on Elyse.  Or is she trying to annoy her?  2. This boy figured out how to walk around with this thing.  He did it ALL MORNING LONG.  It was totally amazing how quickly he learned to navigate, even turning on his own.  Lots of whines though when he ran into something and got stuck.  3&4.  My long-time friend Lindsey and her girls (and baby Jase, not pictured) came over for a tea party today.  5.  Madelyn at ballet.  6.  Elyse as "teacher" with the other siblings during ballet.  7.  Madelyn discovered a princess encyclopedia at the library.  She's a huge fan.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Seven on Sunday

My new photographer friend Kelly started a weekly project.  She posts seven pictures each Sunday, usually with a theme uniting them.  I decided to join her with this little challenge, so here we are, week 1.  I'm admittedly intimidated by this a bit as Kelly is a pro...her pictures are amazing.   And the other ladies  in on this challenge are also professionals.  So even though I'm intimidated, here we go.  

Today is Sam's first birthday (crazy, right?!) so I'll have more on him in the next few days.  Hopefully I'll be back here before next Sunday.

1.  This boy wants me to put the camera down and pick him up....2.  I'd like to get good at silhouettes.  I was just playing around while these two hung out...3.  My ONE year old.  Trying to show some contrast with the picture of him as an itty bitty guy hanging in the background...4.  The girls got in their heads that we needed to do a spa day after reading a Fancy Nancy book. Here's Maddy with bananas, honey, and spinach on her face and cucumbers on her eyes.  She was not a fan and wiped it off as soon as she could... 5. Happy little boy after trying his smash cake.  Poor Sam now has super healthy eating parents now so this one was sweetened with bananas and applesauce, but he didn't seem to mind...6. Sisters joining in on the birthday fun...7.  A bit of a cheat...this was from last week but I still like this shot from the soccer game.

Have a Happy Week!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Just Pictures

My enthusiasm for both photography and this blog ebb and flow.  I go in spurts where all I want to do is learn about photography, take pictures, and share them here.  Then (likely from my overzealousness) I need a break from the camera and the blog.  I've been in a lull lately but I feel the zeal returning.  Hopefully that will mean more pictures and more blogging.

For today, I went back through the last few months and found some pictures I haven't shared yet.  They are terribly out of order but I don't feel like fixing that.  Please enjoy these pictures from a snow storm, girl scouts and soccer, a trip to the Smithsonian to see the dinosaurs, and life around these parts.  

I hope to be back here soon.  But no promises.