Sunday, April 13, 2014

Seven on Sunday

My new photographer friend Kelly started a weekly project.  She posts seven pictures each Sunday, usually with a theme uniting them.  I decided to join her with this little challenge, so here we are, week 1.  I'm admittedly intimidated by this a bit as Kelly is a pro...her pictures are amazing.   And the other ladies  in on this challenge are also professionals.  So even though I'm intimidated, here we go.  

Today is Sam's first birthday (crazy, right?!) so I'll have more on him in the next few days.  Hopefully I'll be back here before next Sunday.

1.  This boy wants me to put the camera down and pick him up....2.  I'd like to get good at silhouettes.  I was just playing around while these two hung out...3.  My ONE year old.  Trying to show some contrast with the picture of him as an itty bitty guy hanging in the background...4.  The girls got in their heads that we needed to do a spa day after reading a Fancy Nancy book. Here's Maddy with bananas, honey, and spinach on her face and cucumbers on her eyes.  She was not a fan and wiped it off as soon as she could... 5. Happy little boy after trying his smash cake.  Poor Sam now has super healthy eating parents now so this one was sweetened with bananas and applesauce, but he didn't seem to mind...6. Sisters joining in on the birthday fun...7.  A bit of a cheat...this was from last week but I still like this shot from the soccer game.

Have a Happy Week!

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Kelly said...

ANDREA! Love these - and the cucumber/spa one, melt my heart! so precious! :)