Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Seven On….Tuesday

I missed the Seven on Sunday.  That's OK.  Here's some pictures from this week.

1. Madelyn loving on Elyse.  Or is she trying to annoy her?  2. This boy figured out how to walk around with this thing.  He did it ALL MORNING LONG.  It was totally amazing how quickly he learned to navigate, even turning on his own.  Lots of whines though when he ran into something and got stuck.  3&4.  My long-time friend Lindsey and her girls (and baby Jase, not pictured) came over for a tea party today.  5.  Madelyn at ballet.  6.  Elyse as "teacher" with the other siblings during ballet.  7.  Madelyn discovered a princess encyclopedia at the library.  She's a huge fan.

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