Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sam is 1 (and some change!)

So technically he's 13 months but things have been a bit busy around here.  So if you are reading this, Sam of the future, the delay in this post has nothing to do with the fact that you are any less special than your sisters.  I just spend a lot of my day with you, little guy, keeping me from doing things like blog on time. 

So here we are.  Our little man is one.  What to say about this happy little guy...

He's on the go.  My parents bought him a little walker thing and his favorite thing to do is hold on and run laps around the house.  Walking is still done with assistance but we know that independent walking is on its way.  He's a fast crawler too.  Anytime he spots something desirable (an open fridge or dishwasher likely targets) he sprints forward at full speed.  He's started taking just a few steps between Dennis and I.

He has added some words to his vocabulary.  The most common "uh-oh" and "hi."  Others include "mama", a version of Madelyn, and we think he's calling Elyse "naa-naa." (Different from "nana" which he has also said).  We're working on sign language, and thanks to an intense session with Dennis, he now signs more often, usually indicating he wants more food, sometimes more reading of the book.  He also can sign drink and all done.

Communication is a bit of a struggle with this little guy.  He has not grown out of the ear-piercing scream.  But now, instead of using it to entertain himself, he screams anytime he's not getting his way.  Super fun.  Hopefully with some more words and some more signs, we can move away from the scream.

Sam's a friendly guy (I always thought the name "Sam" sounded friendly so it's nice to know he lives up to that bias).  He waves and says "hi" to people in public.  Sometimes he waves to the cars sitting next to us in traffic.

He loves lift-the-flap books.  One favorite is "Dear Zoo" and he has me read that multiple times in a row.  He also loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  All my kids love that one.

He loves his sisters and laughs at their antics.  Sam cracks them up too.  Tonight they all got a kick out of Sam putting pieces of bread in my water.  It's the simple things, folks.

Speaking of food, the boy can eat.  He likes to feed himself.  Loves strawberries, cheese, bread, apples, rice, guacamole.

The eating has paid off because the boy is huge.  He was off the chart for height at his check up!  97 percentile for weight.  He's a big boy.

Sleeping is going well.  He sleeps all night most of the time.  We've already switched to one nap.  Works great for us and usually lasts at least two hours.

Sam is an outdoor man.  His favorite thing to do is sit at the window.  We have lots of birds and squirrels out there and he'll pick that show over TV any day.  He can say "tree" and likes to look out the window, point and say "tree."

Sam has THE BEST hair.  It's silky and full and has just a little wave to it.  We're going to keep it long until he starts looking like a girl.  He has 8 full teeth, with the molars coming through.

We know the next few months will be a challenge with a guy who knows what he wants but can't tell us yet (and he seems to have a strong will) but we love getting to know this little dude.

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