Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just Pictures

Summer is in full swing here.  We're into week two of summer vacation and I can honestly say I'm enjoying having these little people home with me.  Dennis has three weeks off too, so we're getting lots of good together time in.  We haven't had any big adventures.  Just trips to the pool and the library.  I'm working hard not to be bothered by the clutter that comes along with three kids home all the time.  The girls are getting along (for the most part) and Sammy boy is just along for the ride (although he gets into everything and requires constant supervision).  Happy Summer!

Madelyn with her awesome preschool teacher Mrs. Roseberry.  We love her.
Last day of kindergarten.  Frog was a gift from Mrs. Roseberry and is now named Mrs. Roseberry.

At the children's museum in Fredericksburg.

Maddy and I went on a date to Michaels, Target, and Sweet Frog.

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Angela said...

Your kids are so beautiful how do you not just stare at them all day?! Love the second to last pic of them all reading.