Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Truth be told, these two love each other.  Yes, they bicker.  They complain when things aren't fair (aka completely, exactly, totally the same).  They nag and annoy each other.  But they are the best of buds.

With school in the picture, the girls miss each other.  I can tell because on the weekends and in the evenings, they are all about playing together.  (No, they probably wouldn't admit it).  In the past week, they've each gone to bed without the other and complained about being lonely. 

If one gets a treat, she requests a treat for her sister.  They make each other laugh.  Madelyn asks me to open the car window when we drop of Elyse so she can yell bye.  Elyse praises Madelyn's writing attempts.

There's competition.  Madelyn asks why she can't run as fast as her sister. Why she can't write and read.  Why she's not as big.  It's tough to be the little one.  

Elyse gets jealous when Madelyn does something fun during school, or sleeps in my bed.

But at the end of the day, when they're up in their room together and doing something silly like karate lessons (Madelyn teaches Elyse) or horse rides (Elyse is the horse) or secret spy plans, I'm so thankful these two have each other.  And that we have them. 

I told Elyse to get her hair out of her face so Maddy put her hair in.

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