Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Update on Elyse

Normally, I try to do these for half birthdays.  That didn't happen but I figure the beginning of summer is as good a time as any to do updates on the girls...

So here it goes:

It's interesting that if I look back to Elyse updates from past years, I would be able to say pretty much the same stuff about her today.

She's still the thinker, my idea girl.  She watches a show or reads something in a book and decides she's all about it.  For example, she watched an Arthur show the other day where the kids created their own country.  Later that day while playing outside with friends, they created their own "World."  After they came inside, Elyse stapled some papers together to create passports for her and her friend.  She also reported that she was in charge of designing the flag.  She takes all these projects very seriously.

Yesterday, she asked me how a book gets made.  I told her that the author sends it to the publisher and the publisher decides if it should get published or not.  She put on her thinking face for a few minutes and then responded, "I'm going to write a book."  For the next hour, she worked on her book about the "Mystery of the Missing Books."  It's a chapter book, she says.  Admittedly, that book has now been abandoned for the next idea.  Follow through is a bit challenging as a six year old.

Elyse's words: "When I grow up I am going to be president and then the Queen of England."  She knows that Dennis and I could run for president next election (we'll be old enough).  She said she wants Dennis to win so she can still be the first girl president.  And she has big plans already for being the "first kid."

These ideas and plans sometimes cause some stress for our girl.  Like her mom, she's a planner.  If plans get changed, the girl has a hard time being flexible.  I can relate.  She also has a hard time dealing with teasing.  We do our fair share of teasing in this family (nicely of course) and she can usually handle that.  She does have a hard time if another kid is teasing her.  Something to work on.

Elyse excelled in kindergarten.  And loved it!  She is convinced that her teacher Mrs. Flower is the best teacher in the world (I can't argue that point).  I'm happy to say that she got in the car each day excited to tell me stories of school.  Music was her favorite special (I'm not surprised...the girl has always sung out loud and proud!).  She seemed to make some nice friends there.

 Academically, Elyse is reading, writing, and completing the kindergarten math without issue.  It's great to see what she can write now.  I think the best thing ever is to teach kids how to write.  She comes up with such cute stuff.  She can read just about anything we put in front of her.  She takes chapter books up to her room to read and flies through them.  I'm not completely sure about comprehension but she seems to do pretty well.

Elyse was on a soccer team this year.  If we just base it on this year, I'm not confident to say she's a soccer star.  I'm sure she could develop the skills if necessary but she's not super enthusiastic about it.  We were super excited about the trophy and end of the year party so maybe we'll want to sign up again next year.

I was a little worried about the summer and how everyone would get along but now I'm so happy to have this girl home with us.  For the most part, Elyse and Maddy are having fun together.  She also helps out a lot with Sam and pretty much anything around the house.  Actually, Dennis taught her to do laundry and she knocked that right out for us (with agreement to be paid per load).  It's still quite a deal for me.

I've also set up chores they have to complete this summer and Elyse is the one who gets them all done right away.  Love that!

Elyse favorite saying, "I'm so excited."  Sometimes its for something happening later in the day.  Often though, she'll say something like, "I'm so excited for April."  When I ask her why, she'll say something like, "It will be Sam's birthday and I think we should make him a mint cake."  Details and plans she is all about them.

I may not let her go back to school in September.  I really enjoy having our girl around.

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