Thursday, September 18, 2014

Update on Madelyn

This update on Madelyn is long overdue, but better late than never.  School is finally in session, Sam is taking a nap, and mama finally has time to catch up on life.

Anyway, back to our sweet girl.  

Where to start?!  Well, Madelyn started Pre-K this year at a new school.  She LOVES it.   She walked right in, met her teacher, and was great.  Later in the week, her teacher sent a picture of the class, and our little social butterfly was already holding the hands of two little girls in the back.  She's always quick to make a friend.  Every time we go to a playground, she leaves telling me "I made a new friend".  And it's true.  She's quick to laugh and play with other kids (usually girls).  

Madelyn is reading away and writing too.  I had them write in little journals this summer on occasion, and she was able to quickly sounds out words and write sentences.  Last night, I found a note she had written that said, "No sestrs". There must have been some conflict with Elyse. :-)

Speaking of siblings, Madelyn has fun with Elyse.  There's certainly conflicts and we often hear the words "That's not fair."  But, they do get along as much as we could expect two sisters to get along.  She's a doting sister to Sam too.  He cracks her up in fact.

Some common phrases of Madelyn:
"Ok, I have to tell you two things...."
"I bet you don't think that I can do x."  (Stand one one foot, twirl around, reach the sink).And the of course she procedes to do it
Any kind of talk of bum-bums.

Madelyn has such an imagination and a few months ago, started telling me stories of when she was with God.  We tell her she was with God in heaven before she was born and she has convinced herself that she remembers what happened.  Most of the stories are pretty funny, and even making God sound silly.  Things like, "One time, when I was in heaven, God spilled his smoothie all over." or today, "When I was in heaven with God I was there for one year and I helped him make people.  I even helped him make you!"

She comes up with other funny things too.  Yesterday, Sam had an especially smelly diaper, and Madelyn said, "It smells like a throwing up skunk pooped and tooted."  Ha!

Back to school, Madelyn gets in the car after school and excitedly tells me about her day.  She finds her teachers hilarious and pretty, "Miss Donna is even prettier than I expected."  I think she gets along with the other kids but complains everyday that she NEVER gets to be the line leader.  It's only day six so I'm sure her turn will come.  

Madelyn loves to paint.  A few months ago, she would spend the whole afternoon painting and then would run and drop off her pictures on the front porches of all the neighbors.  They all got a kick out of that.

She can be stubborn and slow get her chores done.  She needs LOTS of encouragement to try something a little scary (like swimming at the pool or trying the big bouncy house) but once she does it, it's lots of fun.  

She had her first day of dance class yesterday and it was just as great as last year.  Last year, she had a recital and did so great.  She has such a great smile and stage presence.  

She's still my imaginative kid.  Madelyn loves superheroes and princesses (her and her friends pretend to be princess superheroes at school).  She tells me superheroes are her favorite thing to dream about and she will sit and dream in the car or in her bed at night.  It's becoming less frequent, but she still likes to pretend to be a tiger or a baby or a secret spy.  

Madelyn has made great friends with the girl who moved in next door.  They are so stinkin' cute together.  Amelia is three and it's been nice for Madelyn to be a little bit older than another kid.  

This girl is fun, spunky, smart, and creative.  And we're so glad she's ours!

Enjoy a few pictures.

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