Sunday, November 2, 2014


We celebrated Halloween with SuperWoman, a Pioneer Girl, and a little octopus.  Maddy's school celebrated with a  Halloween Parade on Thursday.  What a kick these kids get out of simply walking around the gym and waving to the parents.  (Would share more pictures but I don't think I should share pictures of other people's kids online, right?!).  

We Trick-Or-Treated with the neighborhood kids.  Sam's costume was decided last minute with a trip to the dress up box.  We recycled Madelyn's octopus costume from a few years back.  

I expected Sam to ride along in the stroller for just a few minutes and then head back home.  BUT, once he realized what was happening, he was all about going up to strangers and coming back with a  piece of candy.  I think this boy was more excited than anyone else.  On the way home, he managed to get the wrapper off a sucker and was as happy as could be.  Hysteria ensued when I had to take it away for bedtime.  You would have thought I cut off his foot.  

The girls had fun too (did I need to say that?).  They were thrilled to be with their friends and to analyze the loot at the end of the night.  

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