Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Anatomy of a Snow Day

The calendar said "Teacher Work Day" but even if school had been planned for the day, they would have called it off because of the mediocre snow we received last night.

And I am going to be honest.  The planner, type A, personality misses my normal routine on days like this.  Or at least, I miss having someplace to go to keep these three busy.  Moreover, I miss the quiet afternoons when both girls are at school and Sam naps (and I get to grade papers).  

That said, I was determined to have a relaxed, fun day today.  And we did (without even going out in the snow…not a fan of that either!).  It was made even better because I toted my camera around and no one complained (Madelyn only showed me her butt once).  And I had fun making pictures.

We started the day off with these pancakes.  So yummy and healthy too.  Win, win.  (They were ugly though…I have not yet learned the trick to pretty pancakes).

We took down this dry erase board the other day and Sam LOVES it.  I do too because it lets him color 1.  without me holding his paper and 2. without using up any trees.  He calls every color, "Lell-low".

Elyse wanted to draw her own pictures (elephants like they learned in school) and the smart girl lured Sam to the playroom with vehicles.

It didn't last long though.

Madelyn meanwhile was up in her room reading.  She LOVES superhero books, especially the comic books (Dennis is thrilled!).  This girl amazes me with her reading.  She's rocking it.

 Sam wanted in on that action too and eventually took away her book.

Headphones plugged into the egg carton.  Why not?!

Then, just because we could, we made a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies.  We made these ones.  No flour or sugar but really good.

My neighbor Sue made these awesome aprons for the kids.  I finally got a picture of all of them together.  They clearly were having fun.  (Photography tip…to get multiple kids, or even one, to stand together for a picture:  Tell them to jump when you get to three….snap a few pictures while you count and they wait.  They stay relatively still and have a fun look of anticipation on their faces).

This is once I got to three!

 We enjoyed lunch.  Their favorite…mac and cheese (Sam kept saying to Elyse, "Good, Leesy?")

Enjoyed some more cookies.

I let the girls snap a few pictures.

The rest of the day was enjoyed.  They watched more TV than they should.  I drank tea and chatted with my neighbor.  We ate this for dinner.  Life is good.

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