Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Outtakes

These didn't make the cut for previous posts (some because of horrible technical problems) but I wanted to share them anyway. 

On the night I turned on the interval timer during dinner, this girl snuck in and pretended to drink a beer.

Poor baby didn't feel well.

Target…we're so excited we forgot about shutter speed!

I took a nap one day, came down to find this girl making all kinds of toys (and quite a mess) with foil.

Strike a pose

The girl is over the camera.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015


It seems to be a President's day tradition here in Virginia.  When the Katolins are in town, a huge dumping of snow comes and shuts down the place.  Luckily, unlike last year, this has been the first big snow fall.  It's much easier to take when March is only 10 days away.

I'll admit I had a bad attitude about the whole snow day on Monday (I think I've mentioned before that I don't like it when my schedule gets changed).  On Monday too, Sam was feeling under the weather and was just grumpy as can be so that didn't help either.  Fortunately, in addition to schools canceled, Dennis had the day off and we had a great time playing outside together (Sam also feeling better).  Part of me had also been feeling mom guilt because we didn't have all the proper snow clothes or a real sled.  We made it work though (you'll see the lid from a big rubbermaid container+Dennis made a fun ride).  Madelyn didn't last long outside but Elyse and Sam loved the snow.

I also need to note that the morning began with sounds of amazing neighbors outside.  About four of them snowblowed and shoveled all the sidewalks and everyone's driveway.  Good people around here.

Tomorrow the high will be 16. It doesn't look much better for the rest of the week.  These are the days when we miss California living.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


I'm still going strong with this 365 project.  I expected it to feel burdensome but in reality, I look forward to finding a moment to capture each day. This is more than a week's worth.  Some days it was hard to find something I like.  I'm working on embracing where I am and looking forward to the growth and learning that comes with a project like this.  And trying hard not to compare.   

I set up the interval timer on my camera to record dinnertime the other night.  Kind of fun to see.  Going to practice this one a little more.

*I've noticed this beer box appear quite a lot in my pictures…it holds our markers.